Dismountable Car Parks

In Diekirch, we already had more than 40 visitors, who came on site to see the prototype of our brand new dismountable car park. Among them, key investors, selected architects, mayors & technical teams from various cities, targeted engineering offices, Builders as well as major companies such as the CFL, Cargolux & Luxair, etc.

Lately, the Luxembourg Secretary of State for the Economy, Francine Closener, visited the Astron dismountable car park system. P. Nickels, G. Bleser, A. Weber, C. Tock from the Ministry of Economy were also present and joined the private tour. It was the occasion to discuss challenges and opportunities for the newly developed concept of dismountable car parks.

As a result of the continuous upward trend in the use of cars, more and more parking spaces are needed in urban areas. Multi-storey car parks are commonly found at railway stations, airports, hospitals and many other public places. There is a growing demand from private companies, shopping centers and sports centers etc.

We help our customers to solve their parking problems and grow their business, and we have recently developed a process for dismountable car parks that fit together perfectly and can be combined in a variety of variations to meet the specific needs of the customer.

This solution was presented to the Luxembourg delegation. We detailed how our car park can evolve with the customer business and the space available: After a few years of use, the car park can be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere, at a fraction of the original cost, and make way for a new extension.

The visit was arranged as an opportunity to ask questions and discuss this innovative solution.