Bottling Plant

Recently the grand opening of the plant for the production of natural bottled spring water "Edis", realised by Astron Partner Integro Steel from Rostov-on-Don, took place.

It is a well-planned bottling plant from Astron. Covering an area of 1 238 m², the new hall safeguards both the storage and production of mineral water, and also provides ample space for offices.

The plant is located on an island of untouched nature in the depths of the gorge, between the dazzling snow-white mountains under the dome of crisp high mountain air. In summer, the landscape is simply buried in verdure.

Edis water is naturally so pure that it does not need additional treatment. Water comes directly from the source and is filtered only mechanically. There is no organics in this water.

Water is bottled in glass containers. One line produces half-liter bottles, and the other - one liter bottles. The capacity of each line will be three thousand bottles per hour. The production of water per day will reach 20 thousand bottles - the director explained.

The newly erected bottling plant fulfills all the requirements of the customer. Astron and its Builder Partners were able to adhere to the prescribed time frame and budget planning.