Assembly of a 1,500 m² building

Assembly of a 1,500 m² building

Saturn, a famous Russian aircraft engine manufacturer, needed a new 1,500 m² building in Rybinsk, 90 km from Yaroslavl.

The building is a classical Astron solution: a single-span AZM1 with a 24 m wide free-span frame, a double-skin LMR600 steel roofing system with a 200 mm insulation, a LPA900 single-skin wall with 120 mm insulation and a LPD inside sheeting, parapets around the building, internal gutters, etc.

The assembly of the building is taking place in full swing. Speed of construction is a competitive advantage of the Astron building system:

  • * Foundations are prepared as building components are produced.
  • * Assembly on job site is simple - bolted or screwed connections, no welding, little site cutting or modification.
  • * No "wet" work. All parts are cut-to-length, pre-punched and individually identified.
  • * "One-source" supply provides coordinated deliveries and component compatibility.

The assembly of the primary structure was fully completed in two weeks. The erection team is now installing the LMR600 roof system.

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