Administrative and Manufacturing Building

Freeza Industry is a producer of thermal insulation night blinds and glass door systems for commercial refrigeration equipment.

The Italian company has operated in Brest, Belarus, since 2011, producing thermal insulation night blinds for refrigerated cabinets for our main customers in Russia and Belarus. As the company employs the qualitative standards and most advanced technologies to achieve a high degree of versatility and flexibility in production, they have also started to produce glass door systems for normal and low temperature cabinets.

Since 2011 the number of employees has increased from 7 to 75 people, the volume of production from 30,000 to 106,000 products per year, and to cater for this growth the company needed new premises.

Freeza industry opted for a steel construction following a proposal by Astron, that included a two-floor Astron multi-story office building as well as an Astron building for the production center.

The building was assembled in 2 months. Once again Astron Key Accounts was able to offer an attractive, modern technical solution, taking into account the constraints of the production processes, at a highly competitive price.