A "must" in the building industry

BIM capable engineering system is a must in the building industry!

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling describes the process of designing a building collaboratively using coherent system of computer models rather than as separate sets of drawings. Different involved parties of project execution are exchanging 3D model based information with each other instead of 2D drawings. A BIM master model is composed from the 3D model of different suppliers (Architect, Steel supplier, Foundation designer, etc.). Clash detection is performed on master model, which automatically discovers the geometrical incompatibilites between different models.

Building information models are utilized throughout the building’s life cycle, starting from initial design and continuing even during use and facility management after the construction project has concluded.

OPSys is a BIM tool set, it consists of building definition, design and detailing tools which are exchanging building model information with each other. It is based on a 3D model approach instead of the 2D drawing approach like the previous generation of CAD application. From OPSys we are capable to exchange 3D building models with our customers.

Ever growing demand

Worldwide more and more governments and commercial organizations mandating BIM usage. Clients, building owners and operators are getting more and more access to BIM models through their mobile devices even without the need of purchasing a BIM application first. This shift makes it impossible to survive on the market in our sector for long term without applying BIM. Through our orders, we see that for projects with high value or expensive technology it is more and more common that customers are asking for 3D building information modelling instead of 2D drawings.

Orders with BIM requirements during the last year showed that we are getting ready to handle the growing demand. In last 12 months we had important projects where it was  mandatory to be BIM compliant to get the order. These are for example the Heineken project in Ivory Coast, which consists of 14 buildings, from very small to very large, the Emerald project in Nigeria, or the smaller scale IFSB project in Luxembourg.

There are further larger scale projects in quoting phase where BIM compliance of Astron is a must to get the order.

Investment in BIM tooling

However BIM approach requires more time investment at the beginning of project than traditional 2D CAD approach, considering the whole project there is a substantial saving potential.