175 Years of Innovative Construction

The company Bott Bau stands out because of its farsightedness and innovative decisions. The family business, founded in 1842, has consistently anticipated new trends and developments. The day Valentin Bott founded his construction company in Guldental 175 years ago, he could not have known that this traditional family business would one day be led by the seventh generation. Vision and innovative decision-making have always been an important part of the family's philosophy.

Interview with Roland Bott, Senior Manager of Bott Bau:

How did you become part of the family business?
I was still studying construction engineering when my father died unexpectedly. Because of this, I was obliged to assume responsibility for our firm and its 15 employees much earlier than expected – at the age of just 22 years, but with the help of my sister. Fortunately, I did not lack practical experience, having spent time on construction sites ever since I was a child. I managed to continue my studies and successfully complete them alongside my new responsibilities. In the meantime, the next generation has become part of the company management: My daughter Maren, as well as the sons of my sister, Bernd and Frank Ludwig. Additionally, for a few years now, my son Hendrik has been giving us legal council. This management team works very well together.

How did the first few years work out?
The first large construction site for which my brother and I assumed responsibility as sub contractors for Bilfinger, was the restoration of the Rose Barracks of the US Army in Bad Kreuznach. The Minick-Kaserne came next, a contract that was worth 3 million DM back then, and a few years later the Rose Barracks again, but this time as the primary contractor.

How did things continue?
I founded another company which specialized in timber construction, and I added steel construction to our range of products, because of which we have been partners with Astron for many years now. Then I expanded our own planning office because I realized that a key to success is to have more competence within the company. Today, we employ four authorized architects or construction engineers as well as six architectural draughtsmen or structural engineers. We trained 80 percent of these employees ourselves.

What would you say about international business and competition?
We have already been active in France and Luxembourg, and as planners we have even designed an entire holiday village in Sweden. However, we seldom participate in international tenders. We represent a specific level of quality that is appreciated by our clients. We rely on proven contractual partners, such as Astron, as well as selected tradesmen. This is paying off: We have been working together for many years now. We know what they can do, they know what we want, and it works!