Company profile: Social responsibility

Social responsibility

"Lindab Life" is the Group's approach towards social responsibility. It consists of four areas – Business, Employees, Environment and Society – which summarize Astron’s will to be a good and credible business partner, offering solutions demanded by the market, as well being a responsible and motivational employer. It is simply about how we as a company take responsibility for the impact of our actions on society and the environment.


Being a reliable and ethical business partner who fulfills the expectations of our customers, suppliers and other partners.

Astron’s Code of Ethics and core values play a central role in the governance of Astron’s organization and operations. Together with the support of the UN’s Global Compact and sustainability reporting in accordance with GRI, these form the basic cornerstones for generating confidence and lay the foundations for a strong brand. Astron’s fundamental idea is to contribute to simplifying construction in all phases of the construction process: in the design phase of the product itself, its installation and performance. Quality management systems are applied throughout the business. Almost all of Astron’s production units have quality systems certified to ISO 9001.



Dedicated employees and an entrepreneurial mindset have always been central to Astron.

Competence, commitment and an entrepreneurial spirit has characterized the employees of Astron since our early days. This human asset has been key to serving and supporting our customers in the best possible way. This is why we continue to invest in our employees and in their health, and in safe and secure working environments.

Company profile: Social responsibility


Creating eco-efficient solutions with a minimal impact on the environment.

Our responsibilities to the environment and the heritage we leave to the next generations have influenced our activities for many years. This responsibility not only manifests itself in our long and short-term activities and targets that aim at reducing the environmental impact of our processes. Equally important are the product solutions we offer and that significantly contribute to buildings becoming more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Company profile: Social responsibility


Good relations with the society and their citizens are of importance to Astron.


Being present in many countries has made it a natural activity for Astron to cooperate with local communities and organizations and offer support, even though our involvement differs from country to country.

Company profile: Social responsibility