Company profile: History


Over the past 50 years, our work at Astron has been in the pursuit of a single-minded goal: to constantly develop our skills and knowledge within what we now call simplifying construction. The path we chose in order to offer increased customer value has been based on quality, proximity and service using steel as the central theme.

By building a company philosophy based on the values of “neatness and order”, strong entrepreneurship and quick decisions, the conditions were created for the business model which has involved streamlined production, highly advanced distribution, together with a flow of innovations and constant awareness of the needs and wishes of our customers.

Astron's values are based on three key phrases: Simplifying construction, Down to earth and Customer success, which are as true today as throughout the long history.

  • Company profile: History
  • Company profile: History
  • Company profile: History


  • 1920: Establishment of Astron’s original parent company “Commercial Shearing and Stamping” in the USA.
  • 1956: Lage Lindh started selling steel panel products in Sweden. In 1969 he established the brand name LINDAB for his business with own production facilities at that time
  • 1962: “Commercial Shearing and Stamping” perceived an opportunity to sell pre-engineered buildings imported from the USA into rapidly expanding European economies. They based their facilities in Diekirch (Luxembourg).
  • 1965: Distribution of the Astron buildings started through competent, local companies in the building sector: the idea of the Builder-network was born.
  • 1969: First semi-automatic production line for primary framing was installed to increase capacity up to 250 buildings per year.
  • 1979: Distribution network expanded rapidly as appreciation of the total building system concept grew. 200 Builders sold 800 tailor-made buildings per year.
  • 1988: Computer technology applied to engineering design, order processing, graphics terminals. Cyprion was launched: a specialized and automated pricing software for Builders. It remains unique in the world even today.
  • 1993: ISO 9002 TÜV CERT certification was achieved as the first steel building company in Europe. Capacity: 1,300 buildings per year.
  • 2005: The Swedish Lindab Group, specialist in different sheet metal products, took over the ownership of the pre-engineered buildings business.
  • 2017: Astron is established in all European countries and North-Africa with subsidiaries in 15 countries and 3 plants with the capacity of 2,000 buildings per year. The group's turnover (2016) is at about 820 Mio. Euro.