Workshop, Storage & Office

Workshop, Storage & Office in France

This building, located on the Dynapole site of Ludres-Fléville, industrial area in the south of Nancy, has been achieved by Astron Builder Nancy Construction for Zenium Company.

Zenium is a manufacturer of high-precision light. This company designs, develops and produces lighting devices (“Daylight technology”) specific to dental and medical cares but also to “light therapy”, scientific method to recover physiological and psychological well-being.

This building of 1,355m² is divided into two areas: one area for “Workshop & Storage” and this other one for “Office & Showroom” in which two mezzanines (with a total area of 220 m²) are connected by a walkway and enabled an optimum use of Showroom space, giving at the same time access to the Management Office.

The development of its outside architecture generated an exceptional building : Promline sandwich anthracit grey panels for the walls alternating sense of erection (horizontal for offices and vertical for storage), built-up curved roof on half of the “Office & Showroom” area, aluminium white glass wall system, bearing in mind the grey aluminium line on the Office part.