Turnkey 7,000m² logistics warehouse

The French leader in the distribution of tires, Distri cash, runs eleven warehouses in France, many of them are built by our long-term partner SRBI.

After two years spent looking for a site that could accommodate their project, the companies Logic System, supplier of automotive spare parts, & Distri cash accessories (tire wholesaler) have once again contracted Builder SRBI for a turnkey construction of their 7,000 m² logistics warehouse in Berre l'Etang (France). A 400m² office building completes the ensemble.

The construction consists of three buildings, two logistics warehouses and an administrative building. The activity under the French ICPE regulations, is equipped with an automatic extinguishing system (sprinkling) in order to prevent the risk of fire. To optimize the process flow and order processing times, a trolley wire guide system is installed in the logistics warehouse.

A building optimized for supply chain management (SCM)

In this project, it was imperative for the client to have the optimal storage capacity for the racking of its products and to optimize its supply chain management (SCM). The logistics warehouse therefore has an internal free span of 50 m without intermediate columns, for an optimum free interior space. The choice of the large free span facilitates the interior layout and, therefore, enables an unconstrained logistics chain. This limits the risk of accidents during the operating phase (for example an intermediate column hit by a handling machine) and, for a future resale of the building, offers a greater choice of possible building usages.