Smart Solution

One added floor on an existing building

Pharma Goedert SA is a well-established company specialising in the distribution of pharmaceutical specialties, located in Redange-sur-Attert, Luxembourg. Although the headquarters of Pharma Goedert was getting more and more cramped for space, the pharmaceutical company didn’t want to move from their existing location. The problem was that there simply seemed to be no more place left for any extension.

The architectural project of the architect Lucie Di Valentin was added a volume in height independent of the existing structure. Together with Astron and B.S. Steelconcept S.A. Builder, we have developed an original and very practical solution: to add a self-supporting steel structure independent of the existing concrete building.

Pharma Goedert, who already built several buildings with the Astron building system, was convinced of the efficiency and rapidity of this idea and opted for this solution. The new cube has an external independent structure added to the existing building. Less than 12 months after the beginning of the works, the company had an additional 226 m² of office space, in harmony with the previous building architecture, and all this without interruption of its day-to-day activities.