Second Astron steel building

R+B Tür- und Torautomatik GmbH, specialist for automatic doors, was founded in 1983 in Dieburg, Germany, and has recently built a production hall, warehouse and office space on more than 3,500 m². There is another company site in Dachwig, close to Erfurt. The steel building there was constructed by the former Astron builder Hallen- und Gewerbebau Koch GmbH.

The new production and storage building at the Dieburg site has a total area of 868 m² with a span of 24.8 m, length of 35 m, and eave height of 6.8 m. The crane system has a capacity of 3.2 tons and is designed for the handling of delicate gas elements with a vacuum lifter and sensitive control that ensures minimal deflections.

The office building is located in front of the production building and provides an area of 546 m² on two levels. The exterior façade of the office building was constructed as a lightweight concrete wall with a contemporary architectural design. Modern services comprising heat pump, air conditioning and underfloor heating, ensure a consistently pleasant indoor climate.

The roof system is a highly insulating double-skin roof with 260 mm insulation and the LMR600 industrial standing seam roof as the outer shell. This is ideal for the 100-kW-peak photovoltaic system, which also supplies the heat pump and air conditioning efficiently and cost effectively.

The complete planning and realization of the new company buildings for the Dieburg based company R+B Tür- und Torautomatik GmbH were implemented by Astron's long-standing building partner Friedrich Hallenbau GmbH in Mainz, Germany.