Research and Innovation Center

The purpose of the newly built ALUPROF S.A. Research and Innovation Center will be to conduct research and development work in order to implement modern solutions for the construction industry. The center will work on products significantly affecting the reduction of energy consumption in buildings by increasing the quality and durability of insulation systems. This will make it possible to generally reduce energy consumption in buildings. Thus, new solutions will contribute to savings related to the energy consumption needed in the annual cycle to heat/cool buildings. The project is co-financed by the EU Regional Development Fund.

The Research and Innovation Center was designed in the Astron system and consists of a 9,600 m² warehouse space and an office building with an area of 1,218 m². The building has a membrane roof with wool insulation, and the walls have a 120mm sandwich panel with mineral wool.

The warehouse section will store aluminum profiles and aluminum-glass systems. In the northern part of the facility, an office area has been designed consisting of offices and administrative rooms for plant operation, cloakrooms, sanitary facilities and eating space for employees.

The investment was carried out by P.B. INBUD BIELSKO, a trusted partner of Astron.