Repetitive business

Repetitive business in La Réunion

French Builder BMR (Bâtiment Métallique Réunion), located in Sainte-Clotilde on the island of La Réunion, has realized an Astron construction for its long term client M. Mohamed for the third time.

Combining esthetics and functionality, this construction, made of steel, is predestinated to carry six companies located by the port.

This time, the client has needed high quality installations which have a real flexibility inside and optimal ergonomics. Satisfied by his previous buildings, it’s clear that the client has contacted BMR for his new project.

The 4,760 m² project includes 6 units juxtaposed, having 20 m span each. The architectural aspect of the entity is strengthened by the lag of the principal walls thanks to the variable lengths of respectively 34, 38, 43 and 46 m.

This construction is divided into 6 different lots and has been planned to satisfy a large variety of interior use, whether for a fitness studio, a car seller or for young companies wanting to start their activities on La Réunion without waiting for the construction of their own locations.

Builder: BMR (La Réunion)

Customer: Morena

Architect: Bruno Jaubertie (Tangram Architecture)