Production Plant for Innovative Industry

Production Plant for Innovative Industry

DeVeris produces innovative proteins that are used in feed for farm animals and pets.

In cooperation with scientists from the University of Poznań, veterinary experts and representatives of the feed industry, the company wants to develop a line of products that will replace the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry, and increase the ecology of animal husbandry in Poland and the world.

To meet these challenges, a new production building with an adjoining single-storey office was designed and built for DeVeris by long-term Astron authorized partner W.P.I.P.

The office building has a modern, minimalistic shape, with a large glass area, to provide employees with the comfort of working in a natural light environment.

The new 4,500 m² plant in Turek was built within just 8 months, and the customer could start production on time.

This fast motion video highlights the assembling steps of this DeVeris  production plant.