Car dealership

Multi-brand car dealership

In order to face the development of its activities, a multi-brand car dealership in Luxembourg needed more space to exhibit its cars, so they decided to call upon the expertise of MBS BUILDINGS S.A., a well-established Builder in Alzingen. For this four-floor multi-storey car park, the Astron tailor-made solution proved to be particularly interesting offering:

•    Architectural design: The design of the façade with perforated panels make the building fit perfectly in the surroundings.

•    Reduced construction and erection time for a higher profitability.

•    Great maneuverability without the obstruction of intermediate columns, thanks to 16-metre bays:  two times 5m parking spaces alongside a 6m track.

•    Natural ventilation and light.

The collaboration between Astron’s engineering team, the know-how of MBS Buildings S.A. and the architect Mr. Copine from B+ Architectes S. à r. l. resulted in technical solutions fully adapted to the garage requirements.


Builder:    MBS Buildings S.A.

Customer:    Garage Martin Losch S. à r. l.

Architect:    B+ Architectes S. à r. l.