Modern Dealership

The car dealership Fisher Automobile decided to invest in a new, modern building at their Amberg premises. Founded in 1931, the company currently has 450 employees and already has several sites in Bavaria. The brands VW, VW commercial vehicles, SEAT and Skoda will now be presented together at a car dealership on approximately 85,000 m² of land. The long-time Astron Builder Partner Kölbl Industriebau GmbH constructed this impressive project in record time.

The total area of 8,600 m² is divided up between five buildings that include a cutting-edge car-wash, a high-capacity vehicle body and paint centre, a car repair centre, a warehouse, office and social area, and an exhibition space for the vehicles. 

The floor to ceiling windows and skylights ensure that the building has plenty of natural light, thus creating a pleasant working environment. 100 mm insulated sandwich panels have been built into the walls. The double-shell roof system has a perforated bottom layer that perfectly absorbs the sound. The roof has been so constructed that a photovoltaic system can be added to the car dealership at a later point in time.

Builder: Kölbl Industriebau GmbH

Customer: Fischer Automobile AmbergGmbH & Co. KG