Modern car park

Located on the outskirts of Chesnes Park, the largest business park in France, this car park was built by the developer Quartus logistics for the group Les Mousquetaires and is intended for employees of the group’s logistics division.

The car park, built in a mixed steel-concrete construction, has four floors and can accommodate 343 vehicles. In order to allow rapid assembly, a reduction in the cost of the foundations and a reduction in the overall weight of the building, Quartus chose the Astron building system.

In fact, the Aston car park system fits perfectly and can be combined in a variety of ways to meet the needs of each customer while ensuring respect for the environment. It allows:

- Modularity: possibility of construction, commissioning and financing in instalments
- Reduced time, and building, operation and maintenance costs
- The material is indefinitely recyclable; dismountable on a clean jobsite

At the façade level, the four levels of the building are covered with aluminium cassettes, which function as architectural elements and also ensure the permeability of the facades and guarantee the largely ventilated character of the building.