Made of Glass and Steel

Made of Glass and Steel

Mabilux is a well-established steelwork company in Luxembourg and a long-standing partner of Astron. This collaboration gives them the opportunity to propose architectural projects and provide support for the complete construction project, thus ensuring optimal quality.

A family success story
Mabilux, which bases its development and success on customer proximity, needed new premises because of company growth. It was on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this family business that Sam Massard, who had just succeeded his father Philippe Massard as Managing Director, decided to invest in premises in the industrial zone of Kockelscheuer in the south of Luxembourg. Passionate about steel and highly design conscious, Mr Massard's objective was to give an industrial product an architectural look in as simple a way as possible - by implementing Astron building solutions.

Made of glass and steel
A construction of glass and steel was completed 10 months after the beginning of the work.

The facade of the office area is entirely made of glass. Perforated panels of expanded metal provide structure for the building and create a visual appeal. This cladding makes it possible to control the light, filter it and create transparency to illuminate the interior or provide a screen.

Inside, everything is intended to make a professional impression. The design integrates the primary structure with the decoration and its originality can be seen in the visible tubular columns and stabilizing elements. On three floors, a number of comfortable offices are available for Mabilux rental and partner companies.

From a technical point of view, the Astron engineering team was able to find appropriate solutions to allow steel to be as visible as possible and construct a building with an architectural quality. The exposed tubular columns are filled with concrete to avoid the use of intumescent paint while fully complying with current standards.

The workshop area of 910 m² is covered with dark grey sandwich panels that contrast with the office area, giving the building a feeling of vitality. It draws attention to the metallic structure visibly painted in red with the colours of Mabilux.

Due to the well-designed architecture that makes the most of the steel and other materials used, these new premises allow the 80 members of the team to work in a truly ergonomic environment.