Individual Solution and Architecture

Individual solution and architecture

To translate the unique concept of this store for fitted kitchens and custom-made furniture into a suitable building, the architecture has been specially designed.

The distinctive feature of the project lies in its simplicity. The main part is a two-storey building with a generous area of glass and a surrounding canopy. The oblique columns are asymmetrically inclined and support a light steel roof.

The second part, more enclosed, is cladded with sober silk grey panels with green down-pipes coming out of the cladding at mid-height. It is intended as a workshop and storage.

This 2,680 m² building, completed by the Builder BS Steel Concept based in Steinsel, has a 1,480 m² showroom dedicated to the exhibition of kitchens and home equipment sold by Rédange Intérieur.

The building has been designed for durability, which means that, in addition to the energy performance of the building, special attention has been placed on comfort, choice of materials and building method.