Fitness and Recreation under One Roof!

The Sportverein TV Oberstedten 1887 e.V. realized the construction of the club's new sports hall in tranquil Oberursel (Germany) together with Astron Builder Friedrich Hallenbau GmbH.

The impressive building has a floor space of about 780 m². On the ground floor there is the 300 m² single-field sports hall. For sound absorption, the roof in this area and in the gymnastic room has been designed with a perforated bottom layer. The approximately 200 m² upper floor is accessible for wheelchairs via a lift and offers enough space for a gymnastic room, offices, as well as social and sanitary rooms.

To achieve optimum insulation, the double-shell Astron LMR-LPS roof with 260 mm insulation was chosen. Drywall construction was used for the inner walls. The outer wall has a 37.5 cm thick pumice concrete facade.

The design of the entrance façade, with its attractive natural slate panelling, effectively accentuates the club logo of TV Oberstedten. The support structure that is visible inside is lacquered in the club colours and again reflects loving attention to detail. The glass foyer with the window front reaching down to the floor ensures a pleasant ambience inside. The whole concept is rounded off with a winter garden, which allows an unobstructed view of the landscape, even during the winter season.

The combination of technology and design has also convinced the expert jury!