Energy-optimized Storage Building

Energy-Optimized Storage Building

The investors Färber and Missel wanted to build their new Headquarters in a pleasant area, combining enough room for both storage and office facilities. So they asked the Aston Builder Hallenbau Ulm GmbH for an energy-optimized building solution.

The new complex has a size of about 500 m². The ground floor is used to store the goods, while the upper floor provides enough space for offices and even a nice terrace. On top of the roof, solar panels have been installed. Huge windows allow plenty of sunlight to enter the building, reducing the need for artificial light as well as heating energy on sunny days. A Blower Door test fully confirmed the high air-tightness of the building.

The mezzanine has been constructed using the same technology as in Astron car parks. So a free span of 15 m could be realized without intermediate columns, allowing the investors to optimize the space for their needs.