Elegant hall in Mannheim

Rent Event Tec GmbH is an independent service provider of audiovisual media technology. With one of the largest ranges of event technology available on the market, the company supplies numerous events with state-of the art technology using its own equipment.

The owner, Thilo Strack, decided to build a new hall that would combine offices as well as the company's warehouse under one roof. He commissioned Harald Knorr, Manager of AllegroBau GmbH from Bruchsal with the project. AllegroBau has been an Astron partner for 15 years now and has a proven record of successfully building halls.

The architectural highlight of the 2,700 m² building are the rounded corners. These are a combination of flat sheets fastened to sandwich panels with a thickness of 100 mm using concealed screws. Behind these are two pitched roofs, which have been designed as built-up roofs. A slope of 20 % enabled the optimal installation of a photovoltaic system on one part of the roof. The other part of the roof has been planted with vegetation.

An intermediate ceiling separates the warehouse, workshop, technical room and changing rooms from the 600 m² office space in the upper part of the building. An extension in the gable area serves not only as a docking area for trucks but also as an accessible terrace for the employees. Additional gates and ramps ensure optimal loading and unloading.

Long rows of windows generously provide the offices with daylight. Additionally, the rear facade has been decorated with a creative pattern, which makes the new hall appear truly spacious.