production building

Chimneys for Santa

The Astron jury chose project MK Systemy Kominowe, built by Astron Authorized Partner M&J Sp. z o.o. from Żary, for the “Building of the Month”.

MK Systemy Kominowe is one of the biggest Polish producers of stainless steel systems for fume exaustion being not only the determinant of quality but also the company introducing innovative solutions. M&J prepared complex offer for investor, assure support from environmental approvals thought design and build solution. This new production building of MK Chemney Systems is situated in Kodłubia near Żary. Building with area of 3,315 m² and 44.80 m span has enough place for production and warehousing. 

M&J wanted to assure the best solution for customer that is why they designed functional and modern building. Builder proposed many skylights, which give lots of natural light and LED lighting, which is durable.

Customer: MK Systemy Kominowe

Architect:  Krzysztof Jurkowicz

Builder:     M&J Sp. z o.o.