Balco Expands its Capacity in Poland!

Since Balco was founded in 1987 in Växjö, Sweden, the company has grown into a leading supplier of glazed balcony solutions.

Balco has expanded to several European countries and has three production facilities in Sweden, Denmark and Poland. Balco is also part-owner of a strategic Polish subcontractor which, together with a large sales force, constitutes the platform from which Balco delivers its balcony solutions to customers around northern Europe.

Lately, the company has made significant investments in Poland with the construction of a new state-of-the-art 5,000 m² facility in Przytoczna to increase capacity for delivering quality products throughout Europe. Once more, Builder WPIP has come up with a flexible and attractive building solution that fully matches the needs and wishes of its customer Balco.

High quality architecture and finishing are important features of the development. The customer chose the LMR600 roof system for the prestige building. To ensure that tenants have maximum freedom to plan inside layouts, the building span is 82m, split into two modules. The sophisticated design of this facility - with office part attached - is highly attractive and creates an atmosphere that contributes positively to the continued growth of the company.