Astron steel building

Astron steel building in France

This car dealership “Mercedes & Smart”, located in Tourlaville (France) has been achieved by “Bâtiments d’Entreprises de l’Ouest”, also called “Chrysalis”, our Astron Builder in St Lô since nearly 20 years.

After a first car dealership building in Carentan made with Astron, Mr Lebaudy renewed his loyalty for the process with our Builder “Chrysalis” for the construction of three other buildings dedicated to the sale of agricultural equipment (tractors, lawnmowers) and finally this last building, another car dealership for “Mercedes & Smart”.
The architect who designed this project for Chrysalis is Christelle Marie-Morry, a regular partner of our Builder.

The first step of this project was the demolition of an existing building with asbestos cement roof. Thanks to the skill of the Builder, the delicate removal could be carried out.
The erection of this new dealership will at the end create ten or so jobs and the building will be a real showcase for the brand.

This building meets the RT2005 (French thermal regulation). Chrysalis applied a built-up roof, walls with cassette panels inside, mineral wool insulation and an outside cladding required by the architect.

This building of 1,203m² includes a mezzanine of 178m² for the office, the locker room and the storage for spare parts. The ground floor is made up of a space for sale and exhibition for both brands, Mercedes and Smart, a space for repair and maintenance of vehicles, a car wash, a lock to prepare the new vehicles, an active reception area with a car lift for a first diagnostic before the vehicles enter the auto-mechanic shop.

For the official opening, Mr Lebaudy invited Malika Ménard (Miss France 2010) who enchanted about 1000 guests, just like the ice sculptor who designed a Mercedes into a 1m3 block of ice before the admiring eyes of many guests.

Congratulations to the Chrysalis team and to its Manager, Aurélien Brisset, who, once more, with the Astron product, were able to fulfill the needs of their customer and consequently develop his loyalty.