Astron steel building

Astron steel building in France

Astron jury chose project Knott for the best building in May 2013, built by long-term Authorized Builder Dealer, WPIP from Poznan.

Knott company is a manufacturer recognized around the world for all kinds of trailers with brakes and without brake. Company addresses its offer to large trailer manufacturers and individual customers, provides finished parts, spare parts and a wide range of accessories for trailers.

The customer needed to extend existing production plant for braking systems manufacture, axles and complete trailers vehicle with a high-storage warehouse, a storage shelter and an administration building. The warehouse (1503m²) with AZM1 construction and 25.5 m span and storage shelter (1189m²) was designed using the Astron system. Two-storey administration building with an area 534m² is a combination of steel and concrete. The total area of extension is 3226m².