Administrative building

Administrative building in Sochi, Russia

Looking at this beautiful building resembling a mansion of the early 20th century, one can hardly imagine that it has a metal frame inside, but it is so. This steel building was designed, supplied and erected by Integro Steel, Astron Builder in Rostov-on-Don.

The decision to use steel structure resulted from two factors: short construction time and complex ground conditions of the construction site. The engineering-geological survey determined the foundation soil as loose watered pebble and clay soils. Under these conditions, the main foundation solution was a solid reinforced concrete slab and reduction of load on the foundation soil. Choice of a metal frame for the superstructure made it possible to reduce the load on the foundation slab and install it on the natural ground without any special measures.

The project started when the general design contractor contacted Integro Steel, as they had already collaborated on a project of a supermarket before.

Originally the building was planned with a nine-storey section, but after coordination with the State Architecture Department, some public hearings and engineering-geological survey the number of storeys was reduced to five. Construction site is situated in the 5 wind with 9 points seismicity region.

The building has a complex shape and consists of two sections:

Section I
- 3 floors
- Dimensions in the axes: 18.5 x 28.0 m
- Columns spacing (variable), the average columns net 6 x 6 m
- Pitched roof 

Section II
- 5 floors
- Dimensions in the axes: 33.4 x 35.4 m
- Columns net 6 x 6 m
- Flat roof

The building has already been put into operation, the Customer is completely satisfied.

Customer: Ministry of Internal Affair - Russia
Builder: Integro Steel
Architect: Orbita, ZAO