Tennis hall

A tennis hall as a present

A newly built tennis hall is a present of Tatneft company to Leninogorsk town and also the 70th anniversary of Tatarstan oil mining, which started exactly at this place. Investments into construction of the sports center were around 2 million euros. Tennis center with an area of 2,000m² was built by Vector, Astron Builder from Bugulma.

It is the third order from Tatneft granted to Vector. Satisfied with 2 aesthetically pleasing buildings erected in practically no time, Tatneft had no doubts choosing Astron structures for the new sports center and Vector as a contractor. The building is AZM1 (single span) with LPR1000 roof system.

The building satisfies all requirements for modern sports facilities. It is equipped with two tennis halls. On the ground floor there is a small gym, trainers’ room, changing rooms and offices. On the first floor there are fitness halls and a gym. An open tennis court is close by. The complex has convenient drives and a parking.

Opening ceremony recently took place and the center is now open for general public.