3 000m² automated logistics complex

The current Governor of Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Natalya Komarova, recently visited Gazprom’s digital logistics space, built using the Astron Building solutions in the Ural region.

The 3 000m² automated logistics complex was built in collaboration with Gazpromneft-Supply and Gazpromneft-Khantos. The area and especially the height of the steel hall are used to store goods in an optimal way. The use of modern technologies enables a 40% optimization of the storage areas, increasing the speed of access to goods by up to 50% and reducing operating costs for logistics by 30%.

The interior of the hall was constructed with a minimum of intermediate columns, thus offering sufficient space for the storage of goods. Gazprom is taking advantage of the development of advanced robotics and embracing automated warehousing. After receiving a command from the warehouse operator, devices such as pallet carrier robots automatically transfer dozens of pallets with cargo, including stacking on the first and second tier of the storage racks. An elevator storage system allows quick access to products on the basis of the "goods to man" principle. For this, the warehouse specialist only needs to create an order in the system, and after a few seconds the necessary goods are sent to the delivery window. Also, augmented reality and bar-coding technologies are applied at the site.

The facade solutions of the ABK are inspired by the Astron project of the Yaroslavl data center Beeline. For now, the warehouse building is a prime and inviting facility for everyone it serves.