13,500 m² logistics facility in Poland for Konimpex

Poland–Konimpex Ltd., a distributor of raw materials and chemicals for the tire and rubber sector, has opened a new logistics center in Kolo (Poland).

Konimpex is known for its innovative and unconventional solutions. The business model of the company assumes both commercial and logistic activities. The new 13,500 m² reloading hall is a key element of the company's development strategy towards logistic services. The warehouse and logistics center is composed of 2 separate storage zones, 3 reloading halls with overhead cranes and 8 reloading docks. A state-of-the-art decanting station is already in operation, along with other enhanced material handling and warehousing capabilities.

The warehouse - that can store approx. 5,000 tons of goods - and the logistics center was designed with the Astron building system within 8 weeks. On top of its distribution activities, the company can now offer new logistics services, including the delivery of fillers for the tire industry.

Konimpex operates in accordance with the implemented ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system. The company applies environmentally friendly solutions and aims to prevent pollution. So, a reduction in the amount and harmfulness of generated waste as well as water and energy consumption is important. For this reason, Konimpex chose the Astron Building solution for its warehouse and logistic halls, all designed by the Astron engineering team in the Warsaw office.