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Warehouse and Offices - design and functionality combined

In cooperation with our Builder Partner in Poland, we have designed a steel hall that provides both storage space and office space for our customer Metchem SP. The three-story head office has a unique, modern design and is the new flagship of the company. The hall is divided into a warehouse and an office area. The facade of the multi-storey office building consists of a modern, stylish mix of steel and glass. The glass is tinted and slightly reflective, creating a building with a top-quality and elegant design. On the third floor, the front of the building has an integrated concrete protrusion, which has been given a bright shade of orange.

The company logo adorns this rectangular protrusion, which serves as a fitting background. In addition to office space, the steel hall has an impressive amount of storage space for the warehouse part. The rectangular hall has a width of 57 metres, a length of 68 metres and a height of just over 10 metres. The hall has three built-in cranes that can lift a payload of up to 36 tons.

Building Usage
Storage & Logistics
3 876 m²
57 m
Frame Type
Wall System
Roof System


  • Buildings – Logistic Buildings – Warehouse and Offices
  • Buildings – Logistic Buildings – Warehouse and Offices

Product details

Frame type: AZM2

Frame type: AZM2

Modular building having 2 modules. The exterior columns are tapered, the interior columns may be pipes or welded beams (H profile). The rafters are usually tapered.

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Wall system: LPA900

Wall system: LPA900

The LPA900 wall system consists of ribbed steel panels, externally fixed to the secondary framing with self-drilling screws with composite nylon heads, coloured to match the sheeting.

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Roof system: Individual

Roof system: Individual

Astron roofs provide long-term performance and ensures ultimate water tightness. The roofs ares easy to install and offer attractive and economical solutions.

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