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Transshipment Hall - perfect for customer requirements

The transshipment warehouse in Fürstenwalde South was designed and built for the well-known tyre manufacturer Goodyear. With the help of Builder Partner Mattig & Lindner GmbH, the logistics hall was successfully built within a very short period of time and to the full satisfaction of the customer.

The transshipment hall has an area of 3,400 m². The interior of the hall was constructed with no disturbing intermediate columns, thus offering sufficient space for the short-term storage of goods. Windows are integrated into the side walls of the hall which ensure that there is a pleasant atmosphere in the interior and that there is a sufficient supply of natural light. On the long side of the hall there are facilities to dock trucks so that rapid loading and unloading of goods can be guaranteed. The transshipment hall is designed in an unostentatious, respectable gray colour.

Mattig & Lindner GmbH - Germany
Building Usage
Storage & Logistics
3400 m²
Frame Type
Wall System
Roof System


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Frame Type: Individual

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Wall System: Individual

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Roof System: Individual

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The client reports

  • We have extremely good experience with Astron and their LMR600 roof, which is why we also chose Astron on this occasion.

    Carl Widell, Managing Director (Ecolor SRL)


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