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Bulk Cargo Warehouse - offering space and flexibility

The Astron bulk cargo warehouse is located in the picturesque harbour of the Spanish town Castellon. The impressive steel hall is used to store and distribute the clay with which the client, Bulk Cargo, trades. Clay is one of the main ingredients for manufacturing ceramics, for which this region in Spain is very famous.

A logistics hall for bulk cargo requires maximum width space so that the loading trucks can manoeuvre flexibly. For this reason, the hall has mostly been designed without rooms and troublesome separating walls. The bulk cargo warehouse has a width of 90 metres and a length of 112 metres. After the erection was completed, an extension with a further 90 metres' width was added. As required by the local regulations, the bulk cargo warehouse has a height of 17.2 metres.

Rubrica Naves Metalicas - Spain
Building Usage
Storage & Logistics
90 m
Frame Type
Wall System
Roof System


Product details

Frame Type: AZM1

Clear span building with tapered columns. The rafters are either completely or partially tapered.

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Wall System: LPA900

The LPA900 wall system consists of ribbed steel panels, externally fixed to the secondary framing with self-drilling screws with composite nylon heads, coloured to match the sheeting.

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Roof System: Individual

Astron roofs provide long-term performance and ensures ultimate water tightness. The roofs ares easy to install and offer attractive and economical solutions.

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