Building System – Floors – Multidek

Floor system


Multidek system

Floors are an important feature of industrial and commercial/retail buildings, both to suit requirements of modern stocking and storage techniques and to maximise the efficiency of machinery layouts and production flows.

Multidek is an in-situ concrete solution with the cast on metal decking, which can be laid continuously, allowing design optimisation of sections to reduce weight and cost.


  • Single-source supply for floor and building
  • Integrated design of the floor in the building
  • Maximized use of building space
  • Reduced construction time: simultaneous erection of floor and the building
  • Guaranteed quality by use of precast elements, in steel or in concrete

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum flexibility for positioning and size of openings, even after completion of the mezzanine design and construction
  • Multidek beam spans up to 9m
  • Floor beam spacing is usually 3m
Building System – Floors – Multidek