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Smoke Vents

Smoke Vents

Smoke vents are specially designed according to the snow load of the specific region. For optimum results in terms of comfort, safety, water tightness, energy efficiency and light transmission, a full range has been developed depending on the need.

The curb is designed to perfectly fit Astron panels and is made out of glass-fibre reinforced polyester, complete with polyurethane foam. The polyester is protected by a top-coat and a gel-coat. The base frame is completely insulated with 60 mm of polyurethane covered by glass-fibre reinforced polyester.

The colours of the curbs are in line with the colours of the Astron roof for perfect colour matching.


  • Smoke Exhaust
    To exhaust smoke and toxic fumes in fire conditions to allow personnel to safely leave the building. To facilitate clear visibility for the assement and control of the fire. To alleviate potential independent combustion.
  • Natural ventilation
    For daily ventilation for the well-being of the building occupants.
  • Natural light
    Skydomes bring natural lighting inside your building. Natural daylight is essential for the well-being and the efficiency of building occupants. Skydomes act as windows in the roof and reduce the need for artificial lighting, while offering energy savings. The excellent coefficient of light transmission (54 %) affords the maximum of daylight.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Point Load: 150 kg/m² on the closed dome
  • Frequent use resistance: 300 opening cycles in emergency mode
  • Security: Non-standard option can include safety grid, to be fixed below the smoke vent face
  • Mechanical resistance: 1200 joules
Building System – Accessories – Smoke Vents

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  • Building System – Accessories – Smoke Vents
  • Building System – Accessories – Smoke Vents
  • Building System – Accessories – Smoke Vents