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To maintain structural integrity and weather tightness, specially designed skydomes are available for all Astron roof systems. Astron engineered roof systems provide an integrated solution. Every accessory and opening is fully engineered in our factories, so there’s no necessity for improvisation on the jobsite. Every accessory is designed to work as a part of a complete, weather tight roof system, eliminating leaks and maintenance problems.

Skydomes bring natural lighting inside your building. Natural daylight is essential for the well-being and the efficiency of building occupants. Skydomes act as windows in the roof and reduce the need for artificial lighting, while offering energy savings.

Skydomes consists of a base, dome and (optionally) smoke vents or ventilation modules. Skydomes are specially designed according to the snow load of your region.

Smoke Exhaust (optional):

  • To exhaust smoke and toxic fumes in fire conditions
  • To allow personnel to safely leave the building
  • To facilitate clear visibility for the assement and control of the fire
  • To alleviate potential independent combustion

Natural Ventilation (optional): 

  • For daily ventilation
  • For the well-being of the building occupants




  • Energy efficiency
  • Stability
  • Safety
  • Phonic and light comfort
  • Reliability
  • Easy installation

Technical Specifications

The curb is designed to fit Astron roof profiles and is made out of galvanized profiles, with integrated insulation in 60 mm fibre-glass. It provides a thermally good connection to the building structure. The curb is made to measure. This prefabricated product includes a limited number of parts, adapted to the required length. Installation is fast and can be done in different types of weather. The insulation is very good.

Optionally, polyester curbs are available. They are designed to fit Astron LPR1000 profiles and are made out of glass-fiber reinforced polyester, with integrated insulation in 80 mm polyurethane foam. A polyester curb provides a thermally optimum connection to the building structure and is made to measure. This prefabricated product includes a very limited number of parts (4 corners and side beams). Installation is very fast and can be done in all types of weather. The insulation is very good. The interior and exterior finishes are perfect thanks to top-coat and a gel-coat protection.

Building System – Accessories – Skydomes

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  • Building System – Accessories – Skydomes
  • Building System – Accessories – Skydomes
  • Building System – Accessories – Skydomes

Installation & Maintenance

Building System – Accessories – Skydomes

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