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When can I move in?

When can I move in?

Immediately after you have decided on your final building concept, your Astron Builder will send the full Cyprion documentation to the Astron design department. Thanks to 50 years of experience, Astron has developed a state-of-the-art design software, which makes it possible to design and produce individual buildings as fast as other companies produce standard ones.

In an average project, shortly after the order has been placed, Astron provides foundation reactions and at this point in time the foundation designers start their part of the job. Usually it takes 2-4 weeks for the design of the foundation; directly afterwards it is possible to start making the foundations on site.

10 days after issuing the reactions, Astron is ready to ship anchor bolts to be placed in the concrete foundations. About 2-4 weeks after issuing the reactions, Astron sends out the full set of drawings for final approval. At that point in time you can check together with your Astron Builder if any changes need to be made from an architectural point of view. Usually it takes a few hours to check the drawings, but standard procedure foresees 3-4 days, not to place you under time pressure.

Right after receiving your approval, Astron is ready to start production. The real production time is 4 weeks, followed by delivery of the building. As with the building system approach, parts are also optimized for shipping, which makes it possible to put all the parts for a 1000m² building on just one truck. In parallel, the erection drawings will be sent to the erection crew.

The assembling of an Astron building is fast and reliable. Thanks to welds and cuts made in the plant, all the connections at the jobsite can be quickly realized with bolts, nuts and fasteners. Assembling can be performed in any weather conditions. All the building parts are delivered, packed and marked as per erection drawings. Astron gives a very clear recommendation on how to store parts on site to keep their quality. However, it's possible to perform assembling right from the truck. So it's part of the just-in-time delivery process.

Astron buildings are designed, sorted, packed and shipped in such a way that it's possible to start assembling from the first or last bay or even from both sides at the same time. This concept also includes the roof and wall panels. Erectors can assemble the roof or the walls first, depending on the situation. To reach maximum speed, the Astron system allows the erection of roof and wall at nearly the same time. Overall construction speed varies between 3,000-10,000m² per month, depending on the building concept, size and other project conditions.

To assure the highest quality of the final building, Astron has established a team of Technical Service Managers (TSM). These specialists have usually had long experience with Astron and possess a high level of building know-how. They train the erectors for the Astron system, monitor jobsites and provide assistance, if needed.