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What does a building cost?

What does a building cost?

The real cost of a building is not limited to the investment cost but includes all the indirect costs during its lifetime. We point out that lower operating costs are a key benefit for Astron customers.

Did you know that the construction costs of a building are only a small part of the building investment? Design and construction costs for a typical industrial building account for only about 20-30% of the total costs over the life of a building, including operation and maintenance. They represent all the costs needed to run the activity inside the building like maintenance of the equipment and, of course, all heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, etc.

In the short run, an investor may consider the price of the building itself, but he should also consider the whole lifespan, including the total operating and maintenance costs. Astron helps customers to find the most sustainable solution. Imagine if the operating costs of the building become an integral part of the decision-making process in the design and construction stages.

At Astron we develop innovative solutions that serve customers not only today, but during the complete lifetime of their buildings. Cost savings from efficiency gains are at the core of our strategy. Our aim is to find the best compromise for our customers between price and sustainability for an overall efficient building.

With our powerful software tools Cy-nergy, DIAL and Cyprion, we can calculate and optimize the exact building cost in advance and discover potential savings for its lifetime. For example, a thermal insulation performance comparison tool calculates the payback period for investing or not in a thicker insulation than the one initially foreseen.

Investments in sustainable buildings have a high return. The more you consider a low-energy building, the more you can save in the long run.