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Find your preferred building partner

Find your preferred building partner

Astron buildings are realized by authorized local “Astron Builders”. These are about 300 construction professionals all over Europe, who have been trained and certified to design and construct industrial and commercial buildings using the most efficient and fastest technology.

At the first stage your preferred Astron Builder will ask some questions about how you plan to use your building and what business you intend to run there. Right after that - in days or even hours - your Astron Builder will provide several building concepts and you can select the one which best suits your needs. Very often the Astron Builder will be able to propose building concepts you have never thought of, concepts that could be most effective with respect to the future usage. For this reason, it is important to take the time for a long and constructive first meeting to give the Builder the possibility to understand your needs.

If you want to compare offers from different suppliers, we strongly recommend that you compare real needs and not just simplified models. Some customers compare contractors using a simplified building scheme. These customers try to save time by avoiding a bid and they believe that the cost proportion between simple buildings will stay the same for the real building at the end.

But there are a few risks in this method: at this stage some contractors could show an unrealistically low cost just to get the contract and afterwards the design cost will be re-discussed and in most cases rises by a double-digit percentage. Plenty of contractors can realize simple buildings, but they can have real technical issues when the building becomes more complex. Another common mistake is the underestimated complexity of the planned building. For example, at the first stage, when a customer is just evaluating the possibility of his future construction, he doesn't think about additional storage space to be foreseen for new projects, social rooms, offices or a special place for equipment, etc.

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Astron buildings are marketed through a network of authorized Astron Retailers: independent local and regional construction companies that offer complete turnkey services.