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How to maintain the new building?

Astron buildings are manufactured from materials of the highest quality and are renowned for their long-term durability, whatever the end-use and local environmental conditions.

However, regular inspections will maximize the performance and service life of your Astron building. You have made a major investment – it makes good sense to follow a program of planned inspection and maintenance to ensure that the building remains in first class condition.

Your building has been designed and fabricated for a low-maintenance service life. The use of high-quality raw materials and high engineering and manufacturing specifications minimize the effects of weather and other environmental factors. Wind and snow loads have been carefully calculated within the structural design, thereby reducing the risk of severe weather damage.

Equally, the threats of premature ageing and the effects of acid rain, vehicle fumes, agricultural chemicals and other forms of environmental pollution have been lessened by the use of specifically formulated protective coatings on the wall and roof surfaces. Furthermore, wall and roof seams and fastening systems include mastic sealants and tapes that have optimal resistance to weathering, ultraviolet rays and ageing.

Astron's building technology and experience reduce the risk of premature ageing and other forms of damage. A planned maintenance program will further extend service life.

In its simplest form, your Astron building consists of three major elements: the steel structure, the walls and the roof. Each element is designed for trouble-free service. However, a building – like a car – gives better service when correctly maintained. For further details, please have a look at our “Maintenance Manual”. Your local Astron Builder is your ideal partner to protect your building investment. Ask for his help in establishing a planned maintenance program.


  • Building System – Astron Project – Maintenance
  • Building System – Astron Project – Maintenance
  • Building System – Astron Project – Maintenance