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"Astronization" process

The "Astronization" process

After you have selected one of the above mentioned building concepts, your Astron Builder will provide you with a number of drawings: layouts, cross sections, facades, 3D visualization and also sunlight efficiency depending on the position of skylights and windows (this will show you how much energy you could save by using sun and not artificial lights) + energy consumption for your project as per the Eurocode. And naturally, you will get a building cost estimate for different variants depending on the different roof and wall systems and also depending on the number and type of accessories you might want to include.

Finally, you will select a fixed building description with certain dimensions, frame type, wall, roof systems and accessories. From this moment in time we can fix a building cost for you, which will stay the same over the project time line. So you can rely on these figures and take care of other financial aspects of your project.

All this “Astronization”, as we call it, is only possible because we have a unique and special software called Cyprion. This program (or rather programs, as it contains several different software combinations) allows Astron Builders to create an unlimited number of different building models, and provide:

  • 3D and 2D drawings (AutoCAD, 3Dmax, Microsoft Office exportable)
  • Calculations of the number of trucks required for the delivery of the building
  • Calculations of man and crane hours for assembling the building
  • Foundation reactions of the building
  • Natural light efficiency for a specific building configuration (means number of windows and skylights)
  • Energy efficiency of the building
  • Building cost, which includes the design and production of the complete set: primary, secondary walls, roof, accessories and all necessary screws, bolts, nuts, closer stripes, etc
  • Building System – Astron Project – Astronization
  • Building System – Astron Project – Astronization
  • Building System – Astron Project – Astronization