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A pre-fabricated building

A pre-fabricated building

If you work with standard products and material, you need to do cutting, welding, drilling, etc. on site. However, at Astron every single building part is completely pre-fabricated to facilitate the fastest possible assembling.

A system construction means all building components are prepared at the plant to fit each other perfectly. Just like the famous Lego toys – the pieces are designed and produced in a way which assures a fast and easy connection. For steel buildings, the system list of components are: primary and secondary framing systems, wall and roof systems, roof accessories. Pre-engineered steel buildings are designed to your needs based on standard connection details. Assembling on a job site is easy and reliable. This process is usually less expensive and very quick.

One building system for individual buildings.

1 - Column

The columns are a primary structural member normally used in a vertical position on a building to transfer loads from main roof beams, trusses or rafters to the foundation.

More about columns
  • All primary and secondary framing with all connecting parts
  • Choice of different roof and wall systems including all fixings and all sealants for weatherproofing
  • Thermanal and/or acoustic insulation with liner panels and flashings
  • Integrated accessoiries including crane beams and rails