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Производственный комплекс Autorobot в Польше

Autorobot Strefa

Autorobot, headquartered in Turin (Italy), stronghold of the car industry, specializes in the design, manufacture and maintenance of robotic assembly lines for many major car companies. In the course of expanding its operations in Poland, in 1999, Autorobot decided to open a second production site in Gliwice and entrusted Astron with the construction of the 5,000 m² building.

Astron’s experience in industrial building, its project team’s knowledge of both Italian and Polish markets as well as its financial stability, were decisive factors. Extremely satisfied with this first building, last summer the customer once again called upon  foresees an additional 2,000 m² building in the months to come.

The building is dedicated to the manufacture of automated welding lines for car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, WV, Renault and FIAT. The layout and equipment, such as cranes, are all geared towards maximizing manufacturing efficiency.

This Astron complex also conforms to the aesthetic criteria imposed by Autorobot in the creation of high-tech, functional office space. The beauty of steel is combined with the restful, attractive world of plants to create a highly individual environment! Large interior spaces play host to many exotic plants, while an imposing metal structure above the main entry is covered with climbing plants. Winning the annual Polish prize for the most beautiful offices was a just reward, confirming the originality of the concept!