Storage Hall for Brewery

Frankfurter Brauhaus, Frankfurt/Oder, is one of the most modern and largest breweries in Germany. The site is being continuously extended. The new 6,500 m2 storage hall for empty bottles and cans was completed in the shortest possible construction time, considering its size and despite the cold winter.

The three-naves steel hall with one ridge has a span of over 65 meters. Due to the large frame bay spacing of 8.2 m, the number of internal columns is reduced. This fact offers the company maximum freedom for storage and maneuvering of the empty bottles and cans. The building is clad with visually appealing LPA wall panels (Iso 100 mm type ASA) and LPR roof system (Iso 100 mm type ASA). The soft thermal insulation with non-flammable vapor barrier (building material class A1) provides thermal protection, tightness as well as optimal sound values and sound absorption.

The company Karschunke Systembau has been Astron's builder dealer for many years and is responsible for the successful realization of the project. The storage hall was handed over to the Frankfurt Brauhaus in working order from the top edge of the foundation.