Hospital car park

This Astron Mobility car park, offering 1,300 spaces on three floors, completes the parking offer that aims to provide hospital staff, patients and visitors with optimised parking solutions.

The project replaces an old, outdated car park that was not very functional because it had complicated vehicle flow and pedestrian flow, so the hospital wanted to put user-friendliness at the heart of the project.

Careful coordination by the Astron Mobility teams is required to ensure efficient assembly on a minimum surface without disrupting the activity on the hospital site, while minimizing any nuisance related to the construction site. The available land is small, located between the railway line and the hospital buildings, making this project a real challenge!

With the large flow of patients generated by the CHRSM Site Meuse, this new infrastructure is essential to meet the growing demand for parking, while providing a welcoming environment and a secure and optimized pathway for patients.

Stay tuned for more details!