Astron Wins National Title at ESDA 2023

Astron Buildings Wins National Title at EUROPEAN STEEL DESIGN AWARDS 2023 for the project Dethlinger Teich

Astron Buildings has been awarded with the national title at the 2023 EUROPEAN STEEL DESIGN AWARDS (ESDA) for 97 m free span project Dethlinger Teich during the yearly EUROSTEEL conference that took place last week in Amsterdam, Netherlands. During the ceremony, René Oly, Innovation and Method Manager - R&D, and Martin Vlček, Engineering Manager, accepted the award on behalf of Astron Buildings.

For the 2023 edition of ESDA, remarkable projects were submitted by member associations of ECCS from various European countries. An international panel of experts selected 11 nominees—one from each participating nation. These nominations exemplify the pinnacle of steel design excellence in their respective countries.

The story of the Dethlinger Teich 97m free span project is far from ordinary: Situated on a former armament waste site in Lower Saxony, Germany, the Dethlinger Teich project holds historical significance. Following World War II, the pond in Niedersachsen was filled in, concealing an estimated cache of over 100,000 different ordnance items in its ten to twelve-meter depths. Lately, a groundwater study in the vicinity, unveiled a troubling contamination with explosive ordnance degradation products. The 97 m free span Astron building provides the necessary safety while the site is being rehabilitated.

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