45,000 m² Logistics Center

Since 2005, the long-standing Astron Builder MATTIG & LINDNER from Forst, Germany, has been taking care of the project development of a logistics center from a former industrial and military site in Fürstenwalde. The latest project is the turnkey construction of another logistics building with a total area of more than 45,000 m² including a 3-storey office building as a reinforced concrete construction.

Work on the large construction site was recently successfully completed and the building handed over to the client. The tenant, RFL Automotive und Speditions GmbH, specializes in various logistics services and uses the huge hall as a tyre warehouse.

The hall has a usable room height of at least 11 m in the eaves area. The flow of goods is ensured by means of 35 truck loading ramps. The width of the hall is 145 m with an internal support grid of 15.5 m and a total length of 311 m. The company's operations can thus be carried out effectively and efficiently.

The hall roof is an LMR600 standing seam roof with 120 mm insulation and is ideally suited for the planned photovoltaic system. The wall assembly for the lower hall area was carried out with elements from MATTIG & LINDNER's precast plant in Forst. Sandwich panels with 60 mm insulation were added on top.

The logistics center was designed as a pure Astron steel hall. Steel is almost without loss of quality and 100% recyclable. Astron offers companies throughout Europe sustainable, customized steel building solutions in high quality, short delivery times and at fair prices. Our product portfolio ranges from production halls, warehouses, logistics center to car parks.

MATTIG & LINDNER's LINDNER have more than two decades of experience in building large logistics centers of the same design. The close cooperation between the company’s construction management and Astron's engineers from an early stage of the project guaranteed the production of a quality steel hall, and smooth delivery and assembly of the steel structure.